Berlin Fire Convention 2019

Berlin Fire Convention 2019

The Berlin Fire Convention is all about sharing passion, being playful, creativity and of course an absolutely fiery weekend!

Their motto is “All you can fire!” For 2 long nights they let the fire burn hot and dance with the flames! During the day you can expect a range of workshops + tricksharing, of course you are invited to offer a workshop yourself. Saturday night they start our Renegade show where everyone can spontaneously show off their creative-crazy fiery nonsense.

If you are a complete beginner = excellent! This convention is the perfect event for you. You can try all tools you can imagine, learn from the others with tricksharing, participate in so many workshops that you start juggling in your sleep and learn all sorts of crazy stuff ?

For beginners of fire performing they give a special First-Burner-Workshop on Friday, and before they ignite the fires they all do a Fire-Safety-Recap together. The Firespace is open to all levels and is meant to be fun, enjoyable and accessible for everyone.


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