What’s the difference between Fixed and Bearing Diabolos?

What’s the difference between Fixed and Bearing Diabolos?

A question I get a lot in our Camden shop is, whats the difference between a fixed axle and a bearing diabolo? So here, I will attempt to answer!

In Brief

A fixed axle diabolo is where the center piece (axle) does not move.

A bearing diabolo is where the axle free spins one way and is fixed the other much like a ratchet spanner. This allows you to add a lot more speed without the friction that would slow down a fixed axle.

Note – Bearings will only work one way round!

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Fixed Bearing
Ease at beginning Easier and will give you a better understanding of how the diabolo works Harder at the very beginning as it’s less stable at low speeds
Ease in general Better feel for the diabolo. The tension is better for certain tricks Longer spin times allow you to work out more tricks, or get out of those annoying tangles
Spin time Shorter- though with practice you can learn to speed up the diabolo with tricks Longer – once it’s going, it’ll spin several times longer than a fixed axle
String Life Shorter – There is more friction Longer – As there’s less friction
String bite/ yoyo (this is when the string all wraps around the axle) Will happen when the string is old, or too many wraps around the axle or technique Doesn’t happen.
Impossible tricks! The gyroflop isn’t possible String climbs (due to tension) aren’t possible
Easier tricks (this doesn’t mean they’re impossible, but generally a bit harder 2 diabolos and more Vertax/excaliber
String climb tricks Slack whips and more complicated knots
More advanced stick release tricks Grinds

Final Thoughts

A fixed axle is not better than a bearing diabolo and a bearing diabolo is not better than a fixed. They are just different, and personal preference and style comes into it a lot!

Hope that’s useful!

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